Our Quality Standards

What is special about our Battery Chargers


Our Battery Chargers are designed to meet the requirements of the Utilities Sector, defence, marine industry and Metro Railways. This includes Vibration tests, Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Electro Magnetic Interference test.

Salient Features:
- Hall Effect based current sensors for measuring battery and
   charger current 

-  Microcontroller based 3 & 6 pulse thyristor converters

- IGBT based charger and discharger

Why our panels are the best?


When Waves Electronics opened in 1972 import was restricted requiring us to innovate to match the quality requirements of our customers.

When the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) build the first launch pad we supplied  the purged field junction boxes, illuminated rear engraved control consoles, and relay control panels. We had to design and select components to meet the highest standards demanded by (ISRO). This gave us an insight into the stiff requirements to be met when supplying panels to highly sensitive environments.

When we supplied to the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) the the technical requirement included the point that every joint in the panel should have only 9 mV drop. Hence we had chose high quality busbar and joints had to designed in perfect alignment. We successfully under went the DAE test. This helped us to design PCCs and PMCCs with the minimum temperature rise even when 5000 A current is directed through the panel. This experience helped us to design panels which will not generate heat in itself.


When Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) incurred problems of motor failure in their jackup rigs while lifting the rigs' legs they had 54 motors which had to be monitored to identify the particular motors that failed during the process and the required load current and other parameters to identify the cause of failure which in turn had to be fed to a SCADA. We designed the system to monitor the motors and data accquisition which enabled the maintenance department to take the required action.


When transformer manufacturers were looking for cooler cubicles of IP 55 grade we were asked to design and test the system with water pressure and we successfully met this requirement.


When Cochin Shipyard was building the first oil tanker it required draw out motor control centres which we successfully designed and built under IRS.


When Indian Navy wanted local operating panels for their Corvette vessels we successfully designed and built PLC controlled LOPs under EMC - EMI .


Through years of meeting the highest standards of the highly demanding Indian industry we have become equipped to meet the challenges. This expertise helped us to engineer systems to the meet the requirements of the most demanding industry segments.

How do we achieve such high quality standards?


Electrical Switchgear quality is decided by factors like Design, the quality of the fabrication the workmanship and the quality of components used. The most stringent quality standards are required in Marine applications and our Panels are designed to meet these quality standrads.

Our well equipped fabrication workshop gives us the ability to manufacture highly accurate components. Our team has continously incorporated the feedback from our customers to improve our design. We source our components world-wide from proven suppliers to ensure the best component quality. 


The quality of our panels has been attested by third party approvals like the Indian Register of Shipping, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping.